Starting the myDigitechnician blog

Bounce-surfed to Blogger today after starting at the News page on Ars Technica , then following eight or ten links that brought me to blogger.com. Having read many blogs and peripherally absorbed a basic understanding of the blogging ecosphere, authoring a blog had seemed an activity likely to consume more time and effort than justifiable for my short and medium term goals. To counteract the author's tendency to enjoy an unmanageable number of diverse topics and journeys in numerous unrelated directions, many intriguing potential pursuits are consciously avoided. Blogging was one such pursuit.

However, today's bounce-surfing catalyzed a coalescence of the following reasons to blog:
  • The author enjoys search & considers Google an extremely good company and web toolset
  • Google is developing an awesome complementary suite of personal computing tools to go along with their original web search function, some of which are used by the author
  • GoogleSuite includes Google Search, Google Toolbar, Google Local, gmail, GDS (desktop search), Blogger, Picasa, Hello, ad infinitum maybe...
  • Providing myDigitechnician 'In-home Computer Services' for home computer users highlights a tendency of the general population to understand and use only a tiny fraction of the power of personal computers; this blog might be an opportunity to help those home computer users enjoy their computer more and be more effective with the pc
  • Teaching and promoting 'blogging' could be one way for myDigitechnician to help home computer users, especially young ones, enjoy and be more effective with their computers; however, personal blogging experience by the author is required to further pursue if blogging is a useful service for myDigitechnician to provide

Ergo, into the deep waters of internet blogging doth the author plunge...