BarCamp Chicago 2006

BarCamp Chicago 2006 (15 - 16 July) is explained on its website as "ad hoc un-conference for technology skillz trade." Although not a coder, I'm planning to participate in BarCamp Chicago because I'm going to work with others to organize a barcamp-type unconference in Wisconsin, albeit one that's less focused on hard-core tech. It's probably a good idea to be involved in an unconference before planning one, just to get some experience and figure out some things to emulate and some things to do a little differently.

The event we're planning is tentatively called Open Collaboration Camp. Right now we're in the alpha stage, working on getting the planning team assembled. We tried to organize this unconference in April/May 2006, but due to planning team previous commitments, the spring 2006 event didn't happen. The new target date is September/October 2006. The planned audience is a mix of tech, innovators, entrepreneurs and other like-minded people.

If interested in finding out more about unconferences, here are a couple good links:

Tech news topics for 18 July 2006 NEW NET:

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