OMECC Streaming Supercomputer Applications

One pre-launch action item for the OMECC streaming supercomputer is defining initial applications for which the computer will be used.

The Fireseed streaming supercomputer, also known as the OMECC project (Open Milwaukee Educational Computing Cluster), is in the early stages of planning. One step of this planning is to identify what computing work will be done on the OMECC. An initial educational phase of development work on the project will be to develop the programming approach under which the hardware will function. This programming approach will be done keeping in mind the following draft list of supercomputing applications or challenges:
  1. Nuclear Fusion Reactor Simulation
  2. Active Indexing For Databases
  3. Artificial Human Intelligence
  4. Population-based Decision Making
  5. Protein Folding
  6. Nanotechnology Simulations
  7. Weather Simulation
What other challenges would you suggest be tackled with the Fireseed streaming supercomputer project?

For more background on streaming supercomputers, check out Mattan Erez's research page at http://www.stanford.edu/~merez/research.html.



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