Charles Simonyi: Space Adventurer

Charles Simonyi, the latest Space Adventurer in man's early struggles to explore new horizons past Earth's atmosphere, is blasting off at 17:31 GMT on Saturday evening, 07 April 2007 from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

If you haven't visited his website, check it out today at http://www.charlesinspace.com/. It loads more slowly than many websites, but it's worth the wait if you have an interest in civilian aerospace or if you enjoy science fiction -- which is gradually becoming science fact.

I'll post more on this today or tomorrow, but for now just check out Charles' website. If you like what you see, mark the website with a bookmark, favorite or other type of shortcut, then visit it again every day for the next two weeks to hear all about his $25,000,000 trip to the beginnings of a brave new world.

For complete coverage of Charles' escapades, go to the Search box at Google News or Yahoo News and type in Charles Simonyi.

To the stars...



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