DrupalCampWI is tomorrow (19 Jan 2008)

This is a last minute post to encourage all Drupal fans and those interested in new web CMS tools (content management systems) to show up for at least part of DrupalCampWI on 19 January 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

There are about 40 people signed up at the moment for this event. That's a pretty good number, because it means there will be a core of at least 20 people with a strong interest in Drupal, yet there will also be plenty of room for additional drop-in people who find out about the event at the last moment or who knew about it but didn't want to commit to definitely showing up.

I just looked at the main Drupal site and noticed that the page calls Drupal a 'content management platform' (CMP?). I'll ask around tomorrow at the camp to find out if it is no longer considered CMS but has evolved to a differentiated web tool which is more appropriately called CMP. As always, it can be challenging to keep up with acronyms... ;-)

The event will be fun, informative and either free or nearly free (as in both speech and beer). I just realized today that in the flurry of activities and projects that absorbed my time during a recent three week coast-to-coast-to-coast trip, I forgot to order a DrupalCampWI shirt. That oversight will be corrected later tonight, although I won't have the shirt to wear at the event.

Hope to see you in Milwaukee tomorrow (19 Jan 2008). If you can't make it to the event but have a strong interest in Drupal, feel free to connect with me or others listed on the event webpage.



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