NVIDIA Milwaukee Tech Cafe

Mark your calendars for 18 April 2008 and make sure you're at Bucketworks in Milwaukee for the NVIDIA Milwaukee Tech Cafe.

In the continuing series of informal tech discussion, learning and sharing sessions organized by Fireseed and supported by various tech companies, NVIDIA has agreed to sponsor a Milwaukee Tech Cafe on 18 April. The details of the event are still be worked out, but it looks like it will be an afternoon session and there should be lots of good discussion about various NVIDIA topics.

Of great interest to me for this Tech Cafe are the aspects of NVIDIA dealing with GPGPU, or general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (video cards). Two good places to start if you want to know more about this are the GPGPU.org wiki or the Wikipedia article about GPGPU.

The times and agenda for this Tech Cafe should be set within the next week or so, and more details will be available here as soon as possible. For now, just mark the afternoon of 18 April as reserved for the NVIDIA Milwaukee Tech Cafe. We'll see you there!

P.S. -- an Amazon Milwaukee Tech Cafe is also in the works, tentatively for early April. Just waiting to get confirmation on the date. Since they'll be coming from Seattle, they need to coordinate it with one or more other events in the region. Hope to have a date pinned down soon for that Tech Cafe. Stay tuned...



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