Likaholix: It's Addicting

Likaholix, a new, personalized, web recommendation engine, launched on 04 March 2009...and boy has it been addicting for me.

Entering new things I really like into Likaholix kept me up waaaay too late last night, and I spent a couple more hours than I should have today messing around with the site.

I've decided the reason it's enjoyable to spend so much time on the site is because it elicits a whole flood of good memories. An example is that one thing I like is the Buffalo Bar and Restaurant in Idaho Springs, Colorado. I ate there a couple times when I was skiing with friends in Colorado, and it holds special memories. After I entered the info about the Buffalo Bar, I reminisced a bit about skiing, then remembered a ski hill I love in Québec. So I added Le Massif ski hill to my Likaholix list of things I like. And thinking about Québec made me remember the good times my daughter and I spent at le Festival d’été de Québec, so naturalich, I had to add le Festival d’été de Québec to Likaholix. If you give a mouse a cookie...

GigaOm's post reviewing Likaholix suggested the site needs to merge with a larger social network such as Facebook to gain critical mass. I haven't in my mind decided exactly what the value proposition is for me in Likaholix. I've just been busy enjoying it and recommending it to others. But I hope that at least for the first month or two it stays on it's own and grows organically.

If you want to check it out, set your browser url box to http://likaholix.com and join in the fun. If you need an invite, give me a shout at bwaldron [att] gmail {dott} com.



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