Biggest Impact: NEW NET Issues For 08 Jun 2010

New discussion topic for NEW NET. Which three tech news items during the past week do you think will have the most impact? Below are eight that seemed to be pretty important based on my view of the tech world, although others may have reasons for choosing ones not on the list of eight below or even from this week's NEW NET list. It will be interesting to hear the reasons that people at NEW NET have for choosing the three they feel will have the most impact.
  1. Successful launch of SpaceX Falcon 9.
  2. Using MasterCard via the iPhone.
  3. No more unlimited cellular data plan on AT&T.
  4. Free MS Office Web Apps.
  5. iPhone 4 and iOS4.
  6. HP ePrint.
  7. Virgin Galactic and space terminal progress.
  8. OnLive gaming / GPU HPC via the web_cloud.



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