DHMN Work Session: Making Things

So, tomorrow is the first Fox Valley DHMN work session, at least the first one to the best of my knowledge. Mike P generously offered his World HQ in Appleton as the work session site and set the date for the first session. At least several DHMN members are expected to show up; non-DHMN members are also welcome.

Now that the first work session is about to occur, the next question is 'what to make.'

Mike made an Arduino "You've Got Mail" device for his snail mail box, aka USPS mailbox, or at least made lots of progress on it.

Erin has a potato gun just about done.

Don't know who else will show up or what they'll bring to work on. But it will be a good time.

Things I may 'make' at Mike's include:
  • Improvements on the DHMN Tiki
  • Model rocket
  • Appleton Library purchase requests for new books about 'making' things
  • Fresh apple cobbler (if Mike's oven is available for something like that...)
  • Plans for an inexpensive project to start working on at the next DHMN work session
  • A start on effectively using Evernote for DHMN project research
  • A one-pager for building an electric aircraft
There are many other projects I'd add to the above list if more money was in the budget for DHMN projects. Maybe one item to add to the list is 'A plan for recruiting DHMN project sponsors.'

Erin says the main objective is for people to use their creativity, so maybe what I'll 'make' is an attempt to be creative!

Stay tuned for a report from tomorrow's DHMN work session...



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