BarCampMadison 2011 Has Begun

So for all you barcampers out there within a 50 mile radius of downtown Madison who are not yet in the US Bank building at BarCampMadison, start walking or get in your vehicle and come on down! BarCampMadison has begun!

(This post will be updated during the day with new thoughts and info.)

Right now it's mostly milling about in the lobby and talking with people...

12: 26 PM -- Ooops...the post was interrupted by running off to the first session. Participated in the Startup Accelerator session. Good discussions about what's needed in the space where Startup Accelerator, Build Madison, Spreenkler Labs, and others of that ilk are playing or want to play. Am now in one of the small group discussions that are continuing from that session.

5:50 PM -- Oh well, so much for posting throughout the barcamp. Got too involved in the sessions. The session I co-led went over like a lead balloon. The two sessions after that related to Sector67 were excellent ones. Main point I took out of Chris M's session about hacker/makerspaces is that the type of facility I'd be most interested in can be best started and operated by a full-time space manager (like Chris) who has the right skills and personality.

6:32 PM -- in Lightning Talks right now. Good variety of talks.

9:50 PM -- back home in Appleton. Monsieur T-Son and Ross L said they enjoyed their first barcamp. It was definitely worth participating in. Phillip, Greg and the other organizers did a great job, and I appreciate them putting all the work in to make the day a worthwhile opportunity for a bunch of barcampers.

Am now looking forward to incorporating into the FAIMEnet concept the discussion and feedback from the session I co-led on that topic.

Only a month until BarCampMilwaukee -- am looking forward to that. The Bucketworks venue (including the opportunity to 'camp' overnight, the two days length that provides more session opportunities, and the chance to get to know people a little better because of the more relaxed pace of the event all contribute to making BarCampMilwaukee closer to what I consider the 'ideal' barcamp.



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