WordPress Meetup in Appleton, Wisconsin

There is a WordPress meetup in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, at 8 AM on Friday, March 16, 2012, at Harmony Cafe at 233 E. College Avenue. If you're a WordPress user or developer, or want to learn more about using WordPress to build websites or to blog, come to the meetup.

The WordPress community in the Fox Valley, and northeast Wisconsin in general, appears to be pretty spread out and less well-connected than it could be. Having regular meetups is a good way to connect WordPress developers and users in the region. Being well-connected will help us:

  • Share our skills and knowledge with others interested in using this open source CMS (content management system) for personal or business uses.
  • Learn new WordPress tips, tricks and ideas from fellow WP users and devs.
  • Connect with the wider TIME community (technology, innovators, makers, entrepreneurs) in the Fox Valley and northeast Wisconsin.
In addition to meeting new WordPress people at the March 16 event, there are three specific items of discussion for the meetup which are of interest to me:
  1. Identifying one or two days/times that work for the next few regular WP Appleton monthly meetups. We may need to do two meetings per month if there are a number of people who prefer to meet during the day, e.g. at 8 AM on a weekday, and a roughly equal number who are likely only to participate in meetings that are held in the evenings or on weekends due to the schedule limitations of a full-time job.
  2. Find others interested in periodic roadtrips down to Milwaukee to participate in the WordPress Milwaukee metro monthly meetups.
  3. 2012 Milwaukee WordCamp, June 2 - 3, Saturday and Sunday, at Bucketworks. The more people who can help with the planning and can be volunteer workers at the event, the more everyone will enjoy the 2012 Milwaukee WordCamp. If you've never participated in a tech unconference, consider checking out this event. It's a little more structured than typical barcamps are, but should still be a good experience!
If you live in Appleton, the Fox Valley or nearby parts of northeast Wisconsin, and are interested in WordPress, consider participating in the March 16 meetup at Harmony Cafe, or at least consider connecting with some of the other WordPress users in the area. If you have questions regarding the other WP activities, feel free to contact me at bwaldron [att] gmail {dot} com.



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