Synergy Aircraft Project Close to Kickstarter Funding Goal

Great news for the Synergy aircraft project on Kickstarter! Synergy has almost reached its funding goal and only needs one more big pledge, or a very achievable number of smaller pledges to hit the $65,000 target.

If the Synergy aircraft is new to you, this aeroinnovation is primarily focused on an airframe with highly optimized aerodynamics. The unusual aircraft fuselage and wings are designed to make Synergy as fuel-efficient as possible, while still giving the five-seater aircraft reasonable speed and altitude (25,000' service ceiling) capabilities. The design speed hasn't been released, but the aircraft is expected to be both faster and more fuel-efficient with its 200 HP diesel engine than any other "comparably spacious airplane." Synergy's overview of the project on the Kickstarter project page says,
"...the first systematic use of six proven breakthroughs for major drag reduction...Designed to show ten times the fuel economy of a small jet at ten percent of the cost, Synergy not only offers fast, fun, direct transportation (in comfort above the weather) but also greater range and the ability to land at safer, slower speeds on local airfields..."
The Synergy Kickstarter project is over $62,000 and still has 9 days left to reach the funding goal. You can help the Synergy team move their development project closer to a flying prototype by pledging an amount that makes sense for you. They have various pledging levels to chose from, ranging from $5 (currently 45 supporters at that level) to $10,000 (one supporter at the top level as of this morning).

So if you're interested in the crowdfunding concept for cool project, or if you are an aviation enthusiast who wants to support aero innovation, consider signing up on Kickstarter to pledge support for the Synergy Kickstarter project.



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