DHMN Makerspace Dimensions & Plans

Whilst dreaming about activities and improvements that might be held and made at the new DHMN makerspace (Distributed Hacker/Maker Network) at 120 N. Morrison Street in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, it is helpful to have a floorplan and dimensions of the rooms in the makerspace.

I spent some time today measuring the space and thinking about a couple ways we might want to start using and improving the space. This is all preliminary 'wish list' type stuff, and every DHMN member will have their own wish list which will, naturally, be different from every other DHMN member's list.

If anyone is interested in a copy of the floorplan with the dimensions I've recorded thus far, email me a request for said document, and it shall soon be flying through cyberspace to your inbox. And let me know if there are other dimensions you'd like to have me check.

After the initial repairs and improvements are made to the space (including the back wall repairs, the electrician work and the Internet access installation), the following items are likely a few of the top priority items to discuss, agree upon and take action regarding:

  1. Tables for people to sit at and work at (ideal might be 6' or 8' long x 30" wide sturdy plastic tables with folding legs), with enough tables to seat 30 or more people.
  2. Chairs so people can sit at the above tables (comfortable, possibly some of the chairs to be stackable so more space can be made available at times, good height for the tables we get).
  3. Storage place for members tools, supplies, and projects.
  4. Storage place for general use supplies and tools, e.g. nails, screws, tape, drills, extension cords, power strips, fun and social supplies.
  5. Coffee maker, pizza oven, refrigerator.
There are another 50 things on my list, but the makerspace would be full if all the things were done, and there would be no room for us makers in the space. And one or two of the 50 items just Might Not be on everyone else's lists.

The reeeeally exciting day will be when the DHMN has 100+ members, and the Morrison Street makerspace is informally known as DHMN Makerspace Lite (Paul W's term!) where relatively quiet and clean maker activities happen, whilst the noisy, dirty and large-scale activities take place in a nearby industrial-setting DHMN makerspace!

To help the 100+ "Full Members" become a reality, please consider joining today as a paying member of the DHMN. To sign up, just go to the DHMN Membership webpage NOW and use your credit card or PayPal info to start your $50/mo full membership, which gives you 24/7 access to the wonderful new DHMN makerspace!



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