Progress On The DHMN Appleton Makerspace On Morrison Street

Lots of progress being made on the DHMN makerspace (Distributed Hacker/Maker Network) at 120 N. Morrison Street in Appleton, Wisconsin, thanks to hard work by Jason K and his dad, Ed K and a few others.

The main workroom is now painted and has one wall covered by 'whiteboard' paneling, while another wall has a mural on it, courtesy of Ed, I think. There is a store-bought type of whiteboard on the east wall.

Outside the main workroom are bookshelves for the soon-to-take-shape DHMN library. If you have useful and relevant 'maker' books, bring them on down.

Also in the main workroom are six tables with a few chairs, four desks, a large file cabinet and a tilt-pan webcam toward one corner of the room (maybe the camera can be relocated back further toward the corner for a more complete view of the room?). In the 'office' room there are now three workbenches -- hopefully that room can be at least partly developed as a 3D printing lab, holding the DHMN Mendel90, maybe a couple Cube 3D printers when IDEAco isn't using them, and, with luck, more DHMN 3D printers which get sponsored or donated in upcoming years.

The storage room now has a workbench also, so people can go in that room, close the door, and do some 'making' that's a little noiser than is appropriate for the main workspace at certain times.

A lot of the furniture and equipment is courtesy of the generosity of Willems Marketing. Other items in the makerspace have been provided or worked on by the aforementioned Jason, Jason's dad, and Ed, as well as Mike P, and perhaps a few other DHMN members who have been generous with their time and/or equipment.

The makerspace is quickly and surely taking shape. Tonight the space will be used for the monthly DHMN organizational meeting. We're still lacking Internet access and one or two other essentials, but we can at least have an in-person meeting at the DHMN Appleton makerspace on Morrison!



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