Connecting Tech Enthusiasts

Talk about crazy. A left brain engineer/tech enthusiast trying to connect other tech enthusiasts, many of whom are either left brain or at least less extroverted than the mythical John or Mary Doe. Doh!

Here's a web description of a left brain person:
  • Logical
  • Sequential
  • Rational
  • Analytical
  • Objective
The above description doesn't sound like a perfect networker, outgoing social butterfly or a person who is skilled at connecting with new people. Regardless of the inherent roadblocks in the concept, I'll continue to work on finding and connecting tech enthusiasts, both within Wisconsin and outside its borders. Meeting people like Andy M make it worthwhile.

Examples of existing groups/events:
Fond du Lac Linux Users Group
Milwaukee Linux Users Group
Madison Linux Users Group
WIN NE (Wisconsin Innovation Network, Appleton)
WIN Milwaukee
WIN Madison
Fireseed (Milwaukee)
The Hive (Appleton)
Innovation Mondays (Milwaukee)
NEW NET (Appleton)

If you're a tech enthusiast who wants to get involved in this Quest (not for the Grrrail...), post a comment and we'll connect to discuss it more!


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