Are You A 'Steve Wozniak'?

Here's a simple way to tell if you should participate in BarCampMilwaukee or another 'barcamp' near you.

Listen to this interview of Steve Wozniak. Can you hear the enthusiasm and passion in his voice? Tripping over his own words sometimes in his hurry to tell you what he's thinking. The excitement and need to do something in his chosen field of interest. The drive to do something fun and make something better than what already existed.

If you have that kind of overwhelming interest and excitement about something, especially if it involves technology in some way, you need to be a participant in BarCampMilwaukee.

Can you imagine what it will be like to have 50, or 100, or even 150 people together for two days at Bucketworks who are that excited about what they're doing and what they're making? When 100 individuals like that are bouncing around together talking about what they make and listening to what others make, there are bound to be some complementary personalities and perfect combinations of ideas. Those people and ideas coming together will result in projects, products and activities which would never have happened had those people not come to BarCampMilwaukee.

Malcolm Gladwell's concept of the tipping point and Schumpeter's theory about swarming may be both talked about and put into action at BarCampMilwaukee (...ideas can be contagious in exactly the same way that a virus is...new technologies related to these basic innovations...explosive growth of new technologies in some sectors and relative stagnation in others..."swarming" behaviour as many firms rushed to get on the "bandwagon" of the new growth area...spurts of innovation-related investment, caused by the simultaneously creative and destructive effects of technological innovation...).

Hope to see you at Bucketworks!



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