I Hate Blogs

Too many things...too little time.

I hate blogs because there are too many good ones. Makes it very difficult to know which ones to read.

If you're kind, you'll say I have many interests. If you're feeling less than generous, you might say I can't focus or prioritize and have a short attention span. The plain, ugly truth is there are a lot of smart, interesting, eloquent people online providing some truly worthwhile information and viewpoints.

I currently have only one blog feed -- Nancy White's 'Full Circle Online Interaction Blog' (http://www.fullcirc.com/weblog/onfacblog.htm), for which I get emails via a Feedblitz subscription. Because of the volume of emails that find their way to my inbox, it can be difficult to keep up with posts from just that one blog. There are times when it's tempting to subscribe to a few other blogs, like the Wisconsin tech blogs listed in yesterday's post on myDigitechnician. Or the new blog Nancy linked to in an 02 August post, Learning Alliances. Thus far I've resisted the temptation -- it could easily become an addiction if one weren't careful.

Blog balance is the key, similar to networking balance. There are thousands of interesting people in the world that it would be fun, worthwhile and mind-expanding to know and communicate with regularly. But if a person can maintain regular communications with 20 people and periodic communications with 100, they are doing well. Some mavens can connect with 1000 people or more, while other people are satisfied with only one or two close relationships and a small circle of acquaintances. For analogous reasons, some people are happy reading one or two blogs while others read many more. And there are plenty of people who don't use the internet or who don't know what a blog is. Some of those blog-less people are even happy, if you can imagine that!

To sum it up, even though I hate blogs, it's a good thing they're out there. The more people communicate, the better off we'll probably be.



Blogger Nancy White said...

I got a good giggle out of this one! I know the feeling. I start reading my list of blogs and the day is gone. Poof!

9:55 AM  

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