AMD Bought ATI -- Good or Bad?

So, are the GPU/video card wars over? Will AMD's purchase of ATI mean ATI's role will be dumbed down to just compete with Intel graphics? Or will ATI's dominance in the portable device market mean happy days are ahead for AMD.

This merger or acquisition will take a while to figure out, and there's no doubt that most AMD and ATI employees have the same questions as you and I. Hopefully after a few mis-steps and some minor job cuts, AMD will integrate ATI's products and expertise into the processor company and develop some innovative new technologies that would not have happened if the two companies had stayed separate.

The biggest potential downside IMO is if nVIDIA is left feeling they have no competition, resulting in stagnation in the video card market. Sort of like Creative and sound cards. Although it's questionable whether coming out with new $600 video cards is progress. If things work out to the benefit of consumers, the AMD-ATI combo will develop some awesome new cards and nVIDIA will be back to the drawing board working to stay ahead.

In a separate move, AMD announced processor price cuts this week, averaging a 47% decrease. If you've been waiting to buy an AMD cpu, check out your favorite tech parts store.

Here's the final weekly issues list for NEW NET's 25 July 2006 meeting:


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