Recap & Reactions: BarCamp Chicago July06

If you are a passionate tech enthusiast, Do Not Pass Go. Rather, go directly to your nearest, soonest BarCamp. BarCamp Chicago July06 just ended for this tired camper, but the neurons, ganglions and synapses are firing and creating new pathways faster than they can be assimilated and appreciated. BarCamp Chicago wasn't everything I imagined it might be. But it was lots of things expected and more. There's no doubt it was worth the time, money and energy.

If interested in more info about BarCamp Chicago, go to http://barcampchicago.com. There will be more info, presentations, names, connections and ideas added there over the next few days or weeks. So check back a couple times. And if some of the people, projects or companies sound interesting, take the effort to connect with the people involved in your area of interest. They'll be glad to hear from you.

BarCamp, from my initial, not-yet-digested perceptions:
- Jason Rexilius, hostedLABS (camp catalyst, many other accolades if he'll accept them...)
- Troy Haaland, eSigma
- Justin Kruger, Fireseed
- Sean Johnson, nextChicago
- Dan Ratner, nanotech and Sittercity
- Aatish Salvi, NanoBusiness Alliance
- Jimbo Wales, Campaign Wikia
- Matt England, Cleversafe
- Chris Gladwin, Cleversafe
- Andrew Turner, High Earth Orbit
- Samir Faci, LUNI, Uberfest
- Seva, LUNI, Uberfest
- Roberto, LUNI, Uberfest, XGL
- Rachel Engel
- Alex Rakoczy, ChicagoLUG
- Brian, late night FPS (realNetwork Solutions?)
- James Nahikian, Nahikian Global IP & Tech Group
- Jess Balint, Improved Ideas
- Jed, Ovacore
- Jonathan Andrew Wolter, Techsocial
- Jason, TECHcoffee
- Ron May, TMR
- lots more people...
- Ideas & Activities: BarCamp Milwaukee, Open Collaboration Camp, nanotech in northeast Wisconsin, eSigma & AMW Process Group telecollaboration tools, Campaign Wikia, nextChicago, Cleversafe and 'free' online storage, EAA & civilian aerospace enthusiasts, Uberfest, Linux XGL, Giordano's pizza, there is 'free' beer, next barcamp, TECH cocktail, Arsmeets, all the people I didn't get to talk with at barcamp, all the sessions I missed, all the informal conversations I missed.

There were 92 people signed up on the wiki to attend BarCamp Chicago Jul06, and somewhere between 80 and 120 showed to participate in at least some of the event. Jason R pretty much wore himself out with preparations for the event and keeping things running on Saturday and Sunday. He must have had a combined total of four hours of sleep on Friday and Saturday nights. Troy H helped Jason out with BarCamp things and got about the same number of hours of sleep, although nobody made him stay up until 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning...(point of clarification: Troy said he HAD to stay up until 5:30 because the event would not have qualified as a true barcamp if everyone went to bed by 2 a.m. -- ed)

The Six Degrees, Flat World effect was present at BarCamp Chicago. Troy H grew up in the same small town as my wife, and he went to the same college as moi -- Michigan Tech. (correction: Troy said he didn't attend MTU -- ed.) In addition to talking with him about numerous tech topics, it was fun to talk about common experiences. But combo pasties?? What's with that?

BarCamp Chicago sparked lots of ideas. Now we just need more hours in a day. Have no doubts about whether people enjoyed and appreciated BarCamp, Jason. It was worthwhile, effective and fun. Thank you!

...so what's the tentative date for the next BarCamp Chicago?...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I maintained the name of the event was BarCamp... so someone had to be the last person standing. I was willing to conceed the title to Brian, but he had to leave (slacker!). I will say that in my traveling to tech events, I had yet to run into someone that had knowledge of where the Copper Kings resided.

Realizing that conversations could become fragmented during the thirty plus hour event, I figured I would finish a couple of threads. In relation to the combo pasties, I had heard about the origination of the pasty and like most Yoopers, once you get beyond the shock that the pasty was actually invented somewhere else, I decided to research this technical marvel and was just as surprised to hear about the combo pasty. I remember hearing rumors of these pasties but myself thought it was an urban legend. That is until I was working on a project with a gentleman that was from that part of the world and he informed me that a true cornish pasty would also contain a desert type filling at the end. Naturally I couldn't take his word alone, so I spoke with members of his family and they validated his claim. You can't walk into Fraki's and get a combo pasty, nor will Tony's Country Kitchen hook you up. Maybe that will change, especially since combo meals seem to be the way to go these days, maybe it's time to update the pasty in da UP as well.

I am not an official Tech Toot... but I do often threaten myself with going back to finish what brought me back to the UP to begin with. Just not sure I would be able to handle a true "Copper Country Cruise" by the time I am able to do so...

I agree with your assessment of the event with the additional observation that it was nice to be a technology event where you didn't feel like you were getting the thirty second sales pitch from every direction. Hopefully my venture will be in a position in the future to sponsor this type of collaboration. Look forward to seeing you at next years BarCamp Chicago!

7:49 AM  
Blogger raster said...

BarCampMilwaukee? Let's do it!


11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your post via an incoming link to Techsocial.com ... thanks for posting the link, and I look forward to more Chicago tech events!

-Jonathan from Techsocial.com, chicago's event calendar for web2.0

10:10 PM  

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