Communication Media for NEW NET

Still haven't ferreted out a communication medium that's highly appealing for NEW NET. Since Blogger posts are fairly easy to do from anywhere on the net, we'll try using this blog in various ways for a few weeks as the way to make available aNEW NET list of interesting tech items for the week.

Might also consider doing a wiki for the NEW NET weekly topic list, as a result of listening to and talking with Jimbo Wales (Wikipedia founder) at BarCamp Chicago on 15 July. An interesting, deep-thinking, fun guy. A wiki would be much better for archiving NEW NET lists and enabling collaborative weekly tech news list, but I have this blog and don't have a wiki. Maybe the next time Yoda is at NEW NET, we can put together a NEW NET wiki at the meeting...

A few more topics may be added tonight or on Tuesday before the NEW NET gathering, but here's the list as of now. I'll put the complete list on the myDigitechnician blog by 3 pm on 18 July. For those who print it out before coming to the meeting, you can highlight the list and do print/selection, or just cut and paste the list into a text document, then print the text document.

Tech issues list for 18 July NEW NET meeting at Mister Churro:

(Tech issues list for 18 July NEW NET meeting are found in the 18 July post for this blog, titled "Potential Opportunities With Vista")


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