Fireseed - 'Casual Think Tank" For Technology in Milwaukee

Fireseed (http://fireseedgroup.net/) defines itself as "a technical peer group in Milwaukee, WI for passionate technologists that wish to grow through new skills, friendships, and are seeking an environment to hone in on technical risk taking opportunities like competition and startups." If you live anywhere near Milwaukee and the above description appeals to you, check it out. There's a calendar on the website that lists Fireseed meetings and many other tech events in Wisconsin and the midwest. The next Fireseed meeting is Sunday, July 23, tentatively scheduled at Brewing Grounds in Milwaukee starting at 2:45 pm.

Although I've not attended a Fireseed meeting yet, I'm looking forward to doing so in the near future. Fireseed appears to be designed for the hardcore technology enthusiast, while the NEW NET group in Appleton is meant more for a wide range of technology enthusiasts. On the Fireseed 'About' page, under the heading of "Who does not show up to Fireseed meetings?" it mentions "people who have never read a line of code." While I have read lines of code, I'm certainly not a coder, and nobody will be asking me for help with their programs in the near future. But I still enjoy discussions with those who do code, and I enjoy learning more about programming.

It would be fun if we could connect ten or twenty hardcore geeks in the Fox Cities area who wanted to meet on a regular basis. I might even end up doing some regular programming, just for the fun of it, if I had the opportunity to review and discuss the code with people who knew what they were doing. As I connect with more tech people over the next few years, being part of a Fireseed type group in northeast Wisconsin is not out of the question.


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