Potential Opportunities With Vista

Vista is the name of the Microsoft next-gen operating system that will replace Windows XP. The current stated release time is January 2007, although you may want to refrain from placing a large bet with your favourite bookie that a Jan07 release will happen. As with any new software package, especially an OS, there will be many opportunities, and Microsoft will be doing its best to market the opportunities Vista will bring you for better computing.

Unfortunately, not all Vista opportunities will be seen as good by the general public. One opportunity will be a chance for vendors of computer hardware such as video cards and RAM, to make money by helping upgrade computers so they can better run Vista. Another opportunity will be for pc manufacturers to sell completely new, more powerful computer systems that are better suited to Vista. Yet another opportunity will be for malware writers, especially the ones oriented to illegally making money through malware, to attack a new operating system.

One article on this week's NEW NET tech news topic list (see below) explores the issues related to security holes inherent in a new software package. The article specifically addresses the issue of the networking component of Vista. One potential 'opportunity' is described as follows:

"…For example, Vista will be the first Windows version to support IPv6, the next update of the technology standard used to send information over computer networks, by default. To help transition to the new protocol and for peer-to-peer networking features, Microsoft has functionality called IPv6 tunneling in Vista. This functionality could expose PCs that otherwise would be invisible behind a firewall...As Vista becomes available, businesses should update security systems, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to prevent that…"

Regardless of whether you are looking forward to Vista, don't care about Vista or dread Vista, it's coming. It will be an opportunity for innovation, frustration, a boost in the tech economy, new malware, gold doubloons in the MS coffers and increased in-home computer service for myDigitechnician helping people understand and adapt to a new computing standard. Be judicious when transitioning to and using Vista, and call us when you have questions or problems. (www.mydigitechnician.com)

Weekly tech issues list for 18 July NEW NET gathering at Mister Churro in Appleton:


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