S5 Presentations For BarCampMilwaukee

For barcamp sessions, one of the recommended open source presentation options is the S5 slide show format "based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript."

In the true spirit of BarCampMilwaukee, it seemed appropriate to try using S5 to prepare the session materials for the Portable Computing With A 1GB Flash Drive session. Online research was done regarding S5, and the initial draft of the session presentation was put together. It seemed pretty easy to work with, although limited knowledge of HTML means the presentation is not as 'nice' as it could be. A little research will be done over the next couple days to figure out formatting improvements.

Luke W and Zac W will be sent a copy of the draft presentation since they are session co-leaders. They can add the material they want to the presentation, then it should be all set to go.

Based on the experience this afternoon with S5, another proposed session was added on the BarCampMilwaukee wiki for discussing S5. In addition to exchanging tips for using S5, it would be good to find out what alternatives are out there and maybe look at high quality S5 presentations others have done.

(Off-topic: The darned motherboard for the Vista/gaming box still hasn't shown up!!)



Blogger raster said...

Here is an S5 presentation I did in June:


See also: http://s5project.org/ for it's new home, and http://www.s5easy.com/ for an easy to use generator.

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