Networking, Innovation and Technology

Interesting possibilities opened up this week in the areas of networking, innovation and technology collaboration.

Nine opportunities for traveling down unique roads popped up over the past seven days; today's post is limited to three in particular.

Possibility #1: New connections with the west coast technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial community.

Several Wisconsin innovators, entrepreneurs and geeks met with a Silicon Valley resident who was in Wisconsin for the Christmas holidays. We talked for more than five hours about issues ranging from Wisconsin/Silicon Valley future collaborations to recommended San Francisco tourist sights to global economic theory and the knowledge economy.

Further discussion betwixt people who met during this week's gathering are absolutely guaranteed; outcomes will include both casual conversations and collaboration on a fascinating tapestry of technology topics. The aftermath of that initial meeting is going to be fun to follow.

Possibility #2: New connections between highly innovative organizations in northeast Wisconsin.

On Friday I participated in a meeting to discuss backgrounds and the paths forward for two organizations with huge potential for innovative impact in the New North. What was expected to be a one hour meeting turned into a three hour meeting. That rarely happens in today's world of jammed schedules and a general dislike for meetings. The two organizations appear to be highly complementary, with each bringing assets and resources the other will benefit from and appreciate.

Specific next steps in this new partnership were discussed. Upcoming weeks will see several iterations of a collaboration plan between the organizations. After a concise, effective plan is developed for moving ahead to achieve specific innovation and technology goals, the plan will be reviewed by decision makers on both sides, and the project will be launched.

Possibility #3: Meetings, ideas and discussions related to innovation, technology, entrepreneurism, collaboration and networking reached a critical mass today, creating the 4% network.

I'm convinced Signore Pareto's 80/20 rule is valid. If one makes the further refinement that a 20% subset of the initial 20% will have much in common and work well together, then a network of that twice-winnowed group will generate fantastically worthwhile ideas and accomplish great feats. All that remains is to gather a core group, put some structure around this idea, then identify and connect people who are passionate about developing and growing this 4% global network.

Life is a Journey, not a destination. New paths have opened this week. Methinks the 4% network people chose the one less traveled...



Blogger Nancy White said...

Ah, wonderful possibilities for the new year, Bob!

3:32 PM  
Blogger Nancy White said...

Ah, wonderful possibilities for the new year, Bob!

3:32 PM  

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