MinneDemo Roadtrip

The Minneapolis barcamp, MinneBar, spawned a related quarterly tech event in the Twin Cities called MinneDemo.

MinneDemo is the Minneapolis version of Demo Camp, "a lighter-weight style of un-conference [than a barcamp]. A DemoCamp last only a few hours on a weekday evening, as opposed to a traditional BarCamp which would usually be a multi-day event and take place on a weekend."

The next MinneDemo is happening on 11 December 02006. Justin Kruger and I felt it was a good opportunity to check out some of the interesting tech demos and meet a few people in the Twin Cities tech community. So we'll be zipping onto a Milwaukee I-94 West on-ramp on Monday morning for the six hour roadtrip to the 'real' frozen north.

Here's the line-up for the seven 15-minute demos planned for 11 December:

  1. Data_Pix (Jeff Beddow) -- Data_Pix is a self-descriptive data presentation method that allows visual interactive browsing of large complex datasets.
  2. Fetchster (Eric Caron) -- Fetchster is a locally-owned, nation-wide job board that spiders company websites for job openings (eliminating the middle man, such as CareerBuilder)
  3. imp (Dan Carroll) -- Through imp, users can legally discover, acquire and share songs, movies and more -- all of which is recommended to them by sources they trust.
  4. Doomtree Reactive Video Utility (Paul Wenzel & Justin Heideman) -- In real time, we manipulate motion graphics, video footage, and imagery for on-stage performance. Using Quartz Composer and Max/MSP, it is not Web 2.0.
  5. Mike O'Connor -- I was going to talk about the Corp.com 3rd-level domain registry. But that's so 3-months-ago. Keep an eye on Bar.com. It's going to turn into something cool a few days before the demo. I'll tell ya all about it.
  6. Co-Pilot (Eric Grumdahl) -- Co-Pilot helps housing and human service agencies end homelessness in Minnesota, by streamlining information management, simplifying accountability and providing feedback to policy-makers, funders and programs.
  7. Bonsai (Erik Haugo} -- Bonsai is a highly-configurable web-based personal note manager.
As of this evening, there are 152 people signed up to be at MinneDemo. If you're interested, sign up and head to Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis on December 11. We'll see you there. And if you want to roadtrip with us, just let me know. The more, the merrier...



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