Changing The World: BarCampMadison

Life is a Journey, not a destination, so choose paths on your Journey that will change the world, even if it's mostly changes which only you notice.

One of the rewarding aspects of innovation and entrepreneurism is they allow you to change the world. Sometimes those changes are highly visible with worldwide impact, such as the printing press, the personal computer or the internet. Other changes are quite visible even though they have less impact, such as teflon, Post-It Notes and the iPod. Most of the changes are smaller still, and may be noticed only by a few people or even just you, such as starting your own business, helping implement a small improvement at the organization where you work, making the effort to initiate a new relationship, just telling someone they did a good job or helping them complete a difficult task.

If you enjoy changing the world, come to BarCampMadison on 3 - 4 March 2007 in Madison, Wisconsin and share your interests, knowledge and world-changing spirit with other participants. For those who don't feel like they change the world, or don't make big enough changes, register for BarCampMadison today, then show up in early March and participate in the event with some interesting world-changers. We guarantee the chance to make connections and build new relationships that will lead to changes in your world and in that of others around you. Spend a few hours or a couple days with people who are passionate about technology and about sharing with and learning from others who are likewise passionate about technology.

One opportunity to change the world is to come prepared to lead a session. By opening up for others a new window on the world of technology, you'll have an impact on other participants. And by discussing their questions and suggestions about the topic of your session, your window will be made a little larger, and you'll see more through that window.

Whether the changes you make are large ones or small ones, make BarCampMadison one of the wayposts on your Journey. You won't regret it. Who knows where life will lead after you experience the new people, the new ideas about technology, and the new changes brought to you courtesy of this technology unconference?!



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