Videos of Charles Simonyi in Space

Twenty-four videos are on the CharlesInSpace website as of this morning, 11 Apr 2007.

I watched several of them today, including the news conference where Charles describes the dramatic visual and mental impact of approaching the ISS (International Space Station) at dusk. His vivid description made me think of all the new and awesome sights humans will see in the coming years of space travel. Part of the impact will be interesting and unique terrain, geography and lighting, but a portion of the impact will come from knowing it is one of the first times mankind has seen those sights in-person.

If you haven't watched any videos of Charles Simonyi's space adventure yet, take time to view a couple of them today. Go to his website linked above and either click on a video link on the home page or click on the Multimedia link and see all the videos (the thumbnails have a white "V" in a red triangle indicating video).

The popularity of YouTube and other online video sites is a great resource for civilian aerospace enthusiasts. It will be fun and educational if companies like Scaled Composites, Armadillo Aerospace, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic put high quality informational and inspirational videos on those online sites. Finding videos on a particular aspect of civilian aerospace, such as lunar lander competition or sub-orbital flights, is much easier when searching on YouTube than when doing a general web search or when searching for videos on multiple company sites. If I had a bit more time, I'd contact the companies listed above, as well as others such as AirLaunch, Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin, Mojave Spaceport, Orbital Technologies Corporation (Orbitec), PlanetSpace, Rocketplane Limited, Space Adventures, SpaceDev, Spaceport America, Transformational Space Corporation (t/Space) and XCOR Aerospace to suggest they upload interesting videos of civilian aerospace products and services they develop and provide.

If you have good videos to suggest that are relevant to civilian aerospace, please share links for those videos.



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