MTU Alumni & New North Virtual Research University

Calling all Michigan Technological University alumni in northeast Wisconsin -- make room on your schedule for learning more about MTU becoming a virtual research university for the New North to spur innovation in this region!

Adam Johnson of the MTU Corporate Development office will be coming down to northeast Wisconsin to participate in one or more informal gatherings of Tech alumni in April or May 2008 to discuss the virtual research university concept. The purpose of getting the alumni together is fourfold:
  1. Explain more about the concept of MTU being a virtual research university for the northeast Wisconsin region.
  2. Get ideas and suggestions from Tech alumni who live in the New North on how best to launch this initiative and make it worthwhile to companies in the region.
  3. Identify alumni interested in helping organize and participate in this initiative to improve the New North regional economy.
  4. Encourage alumni to pursue ways that would be useful to their companies to sponsor or use Michigan Tech research.
While working on the four above objectives we will also, of course, plan to have some fun talking with Tech alumni we know, getting to know new Tech alumni and telling tall tales about our college experiences.

Adam will be contacting alumni in the near future to invite them to take part in one or more informal meetings. If Adam is willing, I'd like to do both a 'primary' meeting and several 'secondary' ones. The primary meeting would be the most organized one and the one for which the most Tech resources are allocated -- like Adam's presence, any MTU literature related to the virtual research university concept, a nice MTU shirt or hat to give away, and money for some snacks. The secondary meetings can just be a few Tech alumni getting together in a local coffee shop, restaurant or bar to talk about this initiative and enjoy each others' company.

For any Tech alumni reading this, if you're interested please contact Adam Johnson (see the MTU directory) or me (bwaldron [att] gmail {dott} com).



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