Chrome OS Pilot!

Woo-hoo! Google has launched a Chrome OS pilot program!

I've already applied to be part of the program. As soon as I saw a link to the Chrome OS pilot program in a live blog post from the Chrome OS news conference, I clicked on it and filled it out as quickly as my adrenalized fingers could type. Wish I knew what criteria they are using to select the pilot participants.

If I'm lucky, Google's Chrome OS pilot program will want to get a diverse population. My profile should qualify me for one of the random outliers, someone who, as Bob Watson said, "lives on the web" but isn't a typical Silicon Valley web developer or Facebook/Google/Microsoft coder.

The Chrome OS may also be exactly what TechAdvised needs to get to the next level with the SafeBanking Live CD(TM), with the above linked blog post mentioning that it boots in 60 seconds.

Google/Verizon is also giving a tiny slice of cellular access free for the Chrome OS notebooks.
"...We’ve made it possible for you to use this device even if you don’t have connectivity…Every Chrome notebook will ship with built in cellular connectivity…Partnered with Verizon to give this in every notebook. No contracts, no commitments. Pay for what you need. 100MB free (that’s like nothing) every month for 2 years..."
Time to finish NEW NET item list for this week. Wish I was doing it on a Chrome notebook from the Chrome OS pilot program!!



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