MHH / Sector67 Road Trip Update: Fond du Lac

DHMN is on the road again.

The Mike-Mobile and the Speed-DHMN are flying down the highway from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, to Madison, a.k.a. Mad-city. We're on our way to the MadHackerHaus at Sector67 for a day of geek talk, coding, hacking, making and generally having more fun than we should be.

Mike and Erin have front row seats, Justin and Tim are holding down the middle row and Paul and I are in the wayback of the Mike-mobile. Luke and Mark are in the green Speed-DHMN. Tim powered on the shoebox internet appliance, so we're live online on-the-road. Just did a connectivity test and the Speed-DHMN was able to connect to the DHMN network emanating from Tim's shoebox.

Erin and Mike distributed the black-on-black DHMN t-shirts to the DHMN road crew so we can roll into Sector67 en masse in black.

A bit snowy on Hwy 151 right now, but not enough to slow us down.

Lots of items on the agenda for today:
  1. Tour of Sector67 and discussions with Chris and any other members of the facility.
  2. Meet Greg and the other MadHackerHaus tech people that show up for the event.
  3. Connect with Android developers and others developing mobile apps.
  4. Use 3D printer to make a custom AR.Parrot quadcopter...
Another DHMN project was catalyzed enroute today. Erin was talking with Paul about accounting, legal and tax issues relevant to tech nomads and independent app developers. Erin and I are gonna develop the concept for a tech nomad business management unconference, then talk with James C about doing the unconference at Bucketworks. We can connect with a couple legal firms, accountants and HR/benefits people to answer all the questions that might come up for a single developer who is selling apps online and wants to comply with legal/tax requirements but not have to spend a lot of time and money figuring out and satisfying all those requirements.

Erin and I (along with others who might be interested) will develop the concept in a Gdoc, then maybe talk with Amy at the Venture Center to see if she'd want to have us present the concept to an E-Seed class or one of the other entrepreneur classes she coordinates. After doing a short preview of the ZeroFriction Enterprise Management in the New North, we'll head down to Milwaukee and do the v. 1.0 at Bucketworks.

Getting closer to Madison, so I'll post this and get ready for arrival at Madison's coolest hackerspace...



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