Sergio's Restaurant and Small Business Websites

Sergio's Restaurant in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, has a new website, although this new website isn't the first hit when doing a Google search for the term, sergio's restaurant appleton.

This quandary (not having the official website be the first hit) highlights two issues regarding small business websites:
  1. How can a small business get its 'official' website to be the first hit when doing a well-worded Google search, because that's what the searcher most likely wanted to find?
  2. What are the five basic online marketing action items every small business owner should do to maximize the effectiveness of time and money spent on the internet?
These two issues will be discussed at this week's NEW NET meeting on 28 December and at this week's ABC/TechAdvised meeting with Andy M of B.R.I.T. , an Appleton small business which provides computer service and helps other small businesses use today's free or low-cost digital business tools.

Future posts here on myDigitechnician will look at how small businesses can best address the above two issues to increase their revenue and profit.



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