Northeast Wisconsin WordPress Developers

Attention all WordPress developers in northeast Wisconsin!! The Appleton WordPress Meetup is a new resource available to you for:
  1. Connecting with other WordPress developers in northeast Wisconsin
  2. Learning new WordPress skills
  3. Sharing your WordPress knowledge and experience
  4. Discussing business skills relevant to website developers
The inaugural gathering of the Appleton WordPress Meetup just wrapped up. Eight people showed up this morning at Harmony Cafe in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, for the initial meetup. Attendees were from Green Bay, Weyauwega and Appleton. After self-introductions by everyone, we discussed how the meetings should be structured to be of most interest and value to participants.

Based on the input from everyone at the meeting, it was agreed that we'll meet at 8:30 AM at Harmony Cafe in Appleton on the second Tuesday of each month. For at least the first few meetings, each month will feature a primary topic of discussion. Patrick took responsibility for the April 2012 meeting topic. Bob talked to Harmony Cafe management and reserved the Harmony conference room on the third floor for the second Tuesday of each month from 8:30 to 10:30 AM. It seems likely the monthly meetup will be structured to have a one hour agenda, with the 9:30 - 10:30 time slot used for random discussions or continued discussion of the monthly topic by those meeting participants who have the time and interest to hang around for more in-depth exploration of that topic. If WordPress developers and users want to talk about non-meeting stuff but need to leave at 9:30 AM for other commitments, Harmony Cafe is open at 7:00 AM so there's plenty of time for one-on-one or small group meetings prior to the 'official' meetup starting time.

If you are interested in WordPress development or use, consider coming to the April 13, 2012, Appleton WordPress meetup. Or if you know someone from the Fox Valley or other parts of northeast Wisconsin interested in WordPress, please let them know about the Appleton WordPress meetup. Thanks!



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