3DPrintingCampWI 2012 Registration Open

The 3D printing unconference happening on July 21 at the Sector67 hacker/makerspace in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, is now open for registration! Sign up today if you're interested in 3D printing.

3DPrintingCampWI 2012 is Wisconsin’s first 3D printing unconference. All 3D printers and their owners, along with other 3D printing enthusiasts, makers, hackers, product and industrial designers, prototypers, artists and general innovators are invited to participate in this non-profit event. Unconferences are participant-driven events, so be prepared to share what you know about 3D printing and learn from others interested in this emerging technology sector of personal advanced manufacturing, rapid prototyping and artistic creation.

Like many unconferences, there is no registration or participation fee for 3DPrintingCampWI 2012.  This is made possible by the generosity of the event sponsors (contact Bob Waldron if interested in sponsoring, bwaldron [att] gmail {dott} com), by the diligence and planning of the event coordinators and by all the hardworking volunteers who make things happen on July 21.



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