Project Work Tidal Wave

Feeling a bit overwhelmed right now -- can see a tidal wave of project work headed toward me. Which is worrisome since I'm neither a fantastic swimmer nor a skilled surfer!

Had three Google+ hangouts today to discuss two of the projects; MakerPlane and 3DPrintingCampWI. Got up early this morning to work on the final version of the AeroInnovations column for this week and have that just about done. After a couple hours work on aviation innovation articles, I started the first +hangout at 9 AM. The biggest chunk of work that reared its head today wasn't what I had already been thinking needed to be done. It's what got added to my schedule, or at least highlighted and moved up in priority. Stuff that needs to be done in the next few weeks, along with all the everyday tasks that just need to be done. Kept plugging along for the rest of the day on various projects and am getting things wrapped about just shortly after 9 PM.

Good news for the 3DPrintingCampWI 2012 unconference -- Raster put the site live last night or this morning. Yay! Now we need to get content on the site, start promoting the event and connect with generous sponsors who want to provide meals, an outdoor tent in case of rain, event tshirts or other items. If you're interested in 3D printers, personal advanced manufacturing, rapid prototyping or other aspects of this emerging technology, consider participating in the event on July 21 at Sector67 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

The MakerPlane project is starting to pick up speed as AirVenture Oshkosh approaches quickly. We have a booth in the Innovation Hangar and John Nicol will be doing a couple forums during the week of AirVenture. During one of the MakerPlane +hangouts today, John showed us the fuselage of the MakerPlane Model 1 scale model. Starting to look pretty cool! Heather Jackson is really getting deeply involved with the MakerPlane project and has a ton of great ideas. She's really helping the project gain momentum.

Lots of other projects and tasks, but enough writing about them. Time to finish work on a couple of those items before letting my head hit the pillow...



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