Sharing And Learning In A Makerspace

The two primary purposes to become a participant in a makerspace are (A) to meet (and do stuff with) cool, interesting and motivated people and (B) to build stuff. However, there are two additional, but related, reasons for becoming an active part of your local makerspace, such as the DHMN makerspace on Morrison Street in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin, USA:
  1. To share the skills, knowledge and resources you have.
  2. To learn new skills, knowledge and resources from others.
For many people new to a makerspace, their inclination may be more toward 'learning' rather than sharing knowledge about a topic. Perhaps they want to learn how to use a 3D printer, how to build a model rocket or how to build an interesting computer system using the Raspberry Pi. Because the makerspace is a collection of friendly people who like to make all sorts of different things, it is a good group to join if you want to learn new things, or increase your skill level in topics where you already know a little bit.

Makerspaces have been described as community workshops or as workshops with a YMCA-like membership structure. This means a makerspace is a good place to be part of if you want to learn how to make something that's new to you.

For a few people, especially those skilled practitioners of various arts and sciences, the primary part of their motivation to get involved with a makerspace is to 'share' their knowledge, skills and resources. They may have gotten to the skill level where they feel a need to give back to the community, they may want to help build a larger community-of-practice around the particular art or science in which they are skilled, or they may just enjoy teaching others and sharing the gifts they have.

Imagine what the world, or even just the Fox Valley, would be like if everyone freely shared the gifts they have!

Everyone has gifts and knowledge about one topic or another, and most people have skills, knowledge and resources involving many topics. If the DHMN makerspace has 100 members and they each share the gifts they have in their top three topics, we will have an amazing fount of knowledge and learning to share with the rest of the Fox Valley, as well as with others who want to connect virtually or to meet during their travels or DHMN members' travels.

Become part of the learning and sharing -- Join the DHMN today. Go now to the DHMN Membership webpage and become a full member for 24/7 access to the new DHMN makerspace on Morrison Street in the Willems Marketing building.



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