Northeast Wisconsin Crowdfunders?

So last night Shane and I decided we'd like to incorporate a crowdfunding component in a startup that we help create during Startup Weekend Green Bay, February 6 - 8, 2014.

It will be challenging to create, launch and get off to a good start with a crowdfunding campaign during just one weekend. What we probably really need is two or three people on the startup team who have done one or more campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another crowdfunding platform.

If you've done a crowdfunding campaign and live in northeast Wisconsin, which includes Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Neenah, Sheboygan, Sturgeon Bay and all the other cities, towns and rural areas of the 18 counties of the New North, please contact Bob Waldron -- bwaldron [att] gmail {dott} com. Or if you live outside northeast Wisconsin but have done a crowdfunding campaign and want to participate in Startup Weekend Green Bay 2015, contact me.

One of the challenges for getting a crowdfunding campaign launched in such a short time will be getting all the information submitted, approved and posted online. I haven't done a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign, and I haven't researched how quickly a campaign can get put live on the different crowdfunding platforms. It might even be that all the platforms require a few days to churn through their application and approval process.

If the application, approval and posting process for a campaign takes several days on all the available crowdfunding platforms, we may try building a crowdfunding component into the startup website for built during Startup Weekend.

Bottom line is that we'd love to connect with interested entrepreneurial people in Wisconsin or in the Upper Peninsula who have done a Kickstarter campaign or some other type of crowdfunding campaign. Even if you can't participate in Startup Weekend Green Bay in person, we'd love to talk with you.

And if you're interested in Startup Weekend Green Bay 2015 but haven't registered yet, please register for SWGB today and get the Early Bird Discount!!!

(If you haven't done a Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding campaign but know someone who has, please suggest to them that they contact Bob Waldron -- bwaldron [att] gmail {dott} com.)


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