Extreme Entrepreneur Tour - Part I

Got your schedule handy? October 19, 2006. Save that day.

That's the day the Extreme Entrepreneur Tour will be in Appleton, Wisconsin, at the Player's Choice.

If you're an entrepreneur, this event will be an outstanding opportunity to make fantastic connections and hear some speakers that will inspire you. If you're not an entrepreneur, but are wondering when you'll be downsized, come and learn a few things about starting or being part of a new venture. If you're a college or high school student, the Extreme Entrepreneur Tour just might change your entire future.

The Tour's website About page says, "In a world of rapidly evolving technology and globalization, it is increasingly important for individuals to think of their lives entrepreneurially. Regardless of what career path is chosen, being able to leverage the entrepreneurial mindset is critical to success. The Extreme Entrepreneur Tour (EET) introduces students to this new life framework and inspires them to plan, prioritize, and pursue their own vision."

One of the Tour's featured entrepreneurs worked on a product with which many savvy internet users are familiar -- Firefox. Per the Tour's website, "Blake Ross began his career at 14 with an internship at Netscape. Three years later, he created Firefox to make the web easy to use for normal human beings. Over 75 million of them have downloaded Firefox to date, jumpstarting a monopolized and entrenched browser market that was once presumed dead."

The Tour is a three year cross-country event, scheduled to connect with 100,000 college students, plus many more high school students and others interested in entrepreneurism in our Flat World. Today's teens and twenty-somethings will probably have an average of ten to fifteen jobs in their life. If you want to take control of your life and be the one deciding which direction your Journey through life heads, come to this event.

If you want to take an active part in this event, contact Amy Pietsch of the Venture Center. For more information about the event, read the Wisconsin Technology Network article about the Tour.

Stay tuned for more about the Extreme Entrepreneur Tour in upcoming posts from myDigitechnician...



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