Iraq War vs. Laptop Batteries

Two topics are top of mind this evening: The USA war in Iraq and batteries for portable electronics.

After reading what seemed a well-written pro-war essay in an email received this morning, I added some prefacing comments to the essay about considering both sides of emotional issues, then added two favorite anti-war songs after the essay and sent it off to a few select people. The essay had made me seriously consider what the war in Iraq is about, what the 'war on terror' is about, and war in general. Likewise, a bumpersticker that makes me think when I see it is, "WWJB - Who Would Jesus Bomb?"

After sending out the email looking at pros and cons of war, I decided email may not be an appropriate venue for reasoned discussion of a topic associated with so much emotion and such polarized viewpoints. What is curious, though, is how people can be so diametrically opposed on an issue, be firmly convinced that they are absolutely right and the other side is absolutely wrong.

Contact me in person to pursue discussion of war.

Regarding laptop batteries, as well as power sources for other portable electronic devices, it appears Apple is joining Dell on the Sony battery recall. Another post talks about lithium ion upcoming battery standards and a third online blurb discusses longevity and reviving dead batteries. It appears that burning batteries on a plane (BBoaP) have made battery news a hot topic.

I hope to soon be working on a project that could eventually make the current lithium ion batteries obsolete. Combining my hoped-for project with Samsung's laptop 32 GB flash RAM drives (likely to step up to 64 GB or larger in another year or so) will result in some awesome laptop capabilities. Revolutionary, not evolutionary.

So what's more important to discuss: war or portable power sources?

In person, and in life, war is definitely more important. Online, however, I'll spend more time talking about portable power.



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