Vista/Gaming Box Is Successful!

Luke is quite pleased with the new toy he assembled yesterday -- the Vista/gaming box is a joy to use with Win Vista 64 bit RC1.

He stayed up a bit too late last night getting everything set up the way he wanted on the newly built computer. Also played a few games, just to make sure everything was working correctly...

As previously mentioned on this blog, make sure you get a minimum of 2GB RAM for any machine on which you want to run Vista. Your video card/on-board video should have a minimum of 256MB, with 512MB being preferrable in most cases.

Because of activities planned for tomorrow, details of yesterday's BarCampMilwaukee meetings and the details of the Vista/gaming box building will be posted tomorrow rather than today.

Having the Vista/gaming computer assembled and in operation is somewhat anticlimactic. The fun of reviewing different hardware options and trying to get the best value for our money has ended for another six to twelve months. There may be other hardware purchases in the upcoming months, but it's unlikely we'll design and build another box for ourselves in the next year. Luke will just have to find lots of myDigitechnician clients who want him to help them build their own high end computer. Guess that means a well-designed marketing campaign for the Black Ops Division of myDigitechnician is needed. Luke would love nothing better than to help one or two clients each week build their own high-end gaming or graphics and video editing computer system.



Blogger raster said...

It seems a shame to waste it on Windows... Imagine how it would scream as a Linux box. ;)

9:25 AM  
Anonymous stephen miller said...

I think that vista is a big improvement for winodws, however the rc1 is not finished so I don't think it's fair to judge it. Personally I'm a fan of easy to use operating systems. Plus not to many games can be run on linux. In that respect I like vista rc1.

6:20 PM  

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