Fab Lab Milwaukee Discussions

A recent CNN Money article covered MIT physicist Neil Gershenfeld's Fab Lab project, a social technology experiment with personal fabricators.

After reading the article this morning, there seemed to be no recourse other than to email a link and copy of the article to several other people who are interested in the Fab Lab concept. One of those copied on the article, Justin Kruger, likes the Fab Lab idea so much that he's willing to put some effort into generating more interest in establishing a Fab Lab in Milwaukee. If he puts together a Fab Lab discussion meeting, it will be fun having a group talk about opportunities, possibilities and needed resources for the project. With the right people involved, a Fab Lab at Bucketworks or some other central Milwaukee location could happen in the next year or two! That would be cool! And a Fab Lab in Milwaukee could be the catalyst for similar Fab Labs in Madison, Appleton and a few other places around Wisconsin. Those facilities would be a great way to build collaboration and networking in Wisconsin.

There were discussions about Fab Lab in conjunction with BarCampMilwaukee. If Justin gets a project rolling for a Milwaukee Fab Lab, it might make sense to do a BarCampMadison session about Fab Labs, or a combo Fab Lab/Media Lab project.

If you're interested in Fab Lab and want to be involved in one in Wisconsin, contact me or stop by a Fireseed meeting in Milwaukee.



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