Innovation/Tech/Entrepreneur Events ==> Projects

The best result of innovation, technology and entrepreneur events is when those events lead to new relationships which, in turn, lead to collaboration on worthwhile and interesting projects.

Everyone's goal when attending or participating in one of the above events should be to make at least one new relationship with someone they find interesting and to pursue some type of post-event activity with someone they talked to at the event. With luck and planning, you'll walk away from each of these events with several mutually beneficial new relationships and several strengthened relationships if you already knew some of the people at the event.

Each event should also result in one or more post-event relationship activities. At a minimum your event follow-up should include emails to those you talked with and a couple in-person meetings. Meeting for coffee, a meal or drinks to talk about common interests is a starting point. At some point during your post-event meeting you can bring up some of the issues, ideas or opportunities which were discussed at the event.

Ask the person you're meeting with if any of those things really caught their attention or are things about which they are passionate. If the other person is excited about some of the same things you were interested in, pursue that line of discussion and see if it might lead to further meetings or some type of project or venture. If they didn't have any of the same areas of high interest as you, suggest some other people you know who might want to talk with them about their interest points. Then ask the other person if they know of anyone who's really into the topics you found fascinating at the meeting.

The purpose of these events is to network. The purpose of networking is to collaborate. And the purpose of collaborating is to produce a worthwhile and interesting product or service.

Go to the events with the idea that you'll meet some new people, enjoy the event and learn a thing or two. But also go to the event with the goal of coming away with at least three post-event meetings which may lead to a project in an area about which you are passionate.



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