Makerspaces and Events

Although a makerspace is primarily a community workshop type of a place where people work individually or in small groups on projects to 'make' stuff, the makerspace will sometimes be the venue for an event.

Examples of the types of events that could happen at a makerspace such as the DHMN (Distributed Hacker/Maker Network) makerspace at 120 N. Morrison Street in Appleton, Wisconsin include, but aren't limited to:
  1. Mini Maker Faire (here's a link to the main website for Maker Faire)
  2. Classes: learn how to 'make' something; learn a new skill or improve one
  3. Public Demo, such as 'How To Use A 3D Printer'
  4. Focused Workshop, such as 'Building a Raspberry Pi VPN'
  5. Mini Unconference: participant-driven informal 'conference' about some topic
The events held at the makerspace might be a public-invited gathering or it may be a members-only affair. Whether the public is invited will depend on the topic and the purpose of the event.

The DHMN makerspace will likely hold numerous public events over the next few months to spread the word that there is now a makerspace in the Fox Valley that everyone in northeast Wisconsin (as well as every other part of the world) is invited to become part of or to visit when they're in the area. The Morrison Street location is just half a block off College Avenue in downtown Appleton, so we should be able to attract a reasonable number of downtown pedestrians during nice weather. We'll have to learn what the city requirements are for outdoor activities around downtown buildings because it might be nice to be able to set up a tent outside the Willems Marketing building to let people know what's happening in the basement DHMN makerspace.

All you DHMN members should be thinking about events you'd like to organize or help put on that will promote the organization and convince people to stand in line to sign up for a Full Membership in DHMN because it's such a fun and worthwhile group.

If you're not currently a member of the DHMN, but would like to become one, go Now to the DHMN Membership webpage and sign up to become a member. For only $50/month, you can have 24/7 access to the coolest, best, and only 'community workshop' makerspace that I'm aware of in northeast Wisconsin. (If I'm wrong, and there are other ones, please tell me about them because I'd love to visit them and connect with those 'makers.')



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