Eight people met today in the conference room at Infinity Technology to discuss the launching of a users group for people interested in WSMS, or Web Search, Marketing & SEO (search engine optimization).

The WSMS Network, also called the WONG (Website Optimization Networking Group), is being formed because of strong interest shown at an Infinity Technology Tech Focus seminar on SEO held in early 2006. Because the people attending that seminar had so many questions about getting top placement in search engine results for their products or services, it was decided to launch this users group. Today's event was strictly an organizational meeting to make sure enough people saw a need for or interest in such a group, then to discuss what the meetings should be like and when the next one should be held.

The initial monthly meeting for WSMS/WONG (a name for the group may be one of the first items discussed at the meeting) is scheduled for 8 a.m., Wednesday, November 1, 2006. You can tell there are no accountants in the group. They'd all be at work doing month-end financial numbers. The meeting will be held at ITT-Green Bay. Phil Beukema, Sr. of Corporate Apparel Unlimited, Inc. agreed to develop the meeting topic and plan for the first meeting, and to also develop a list of ten proposed topics for the first ten monthly meetings. Phil, Sr. and his son, Phil, Jr., presented the excellent Tech Focus seminar about SEO for Infinity Technology.

All meetings will have a topic related to web search, marketing or SEO, and the first hour of the meeting will have an educational, organized approach to the topic of the meeting. The second hour of the meeting will be an informal, one-on-one or small group discussion period to talk about the topic of the meeting or to discuss other WSMS issues.

With the percentage of people using high-speed internet access for important daily tasks continually increasing, effective web marketing is becoming an essential tool for many small and medium businesses or organizations to be successful and effective. Because the technology for web marketing is relatively new, is much more complicated than putting an ad in the yellow pages of your phone book, and is continually changing due to technical innovations and the relative immaturity of the field, people need resources to help them with their WSMS needs.

With a little luck and a lot of work, this users group will be a useful resource for many people in the Green Bay area. If the Green Bay WSMS Network/WONG is successful, similar groups may be launched in other areas around the New North. For more details, feel free to contact me.



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