Black Ops: Fox Valley Battalion Gamers Club

Black Ops, the gaming enthusiast division of myDigitechnician, today identified its first location for holding Fox Valley LAN gaming parties.

Pizza King, 800 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Appleton, has a separate room they are willing to reserve for a LAN (local area network) video gaming party. The only cost to the gamers is that at least $25 worth of food and drinks must be ordered. That should be no problem for a group of hungry and thirsty gamers.

Luke W, director of Black Ops, and a fellow gamer inspected the Pizza King facilities today. Luke and the store manager discussed the possibility of holding LAN parties there. The manager was open to the idea and showed Luke the room where the gaming would be done. The room will accomodate up to twelve gamers and their equipment.

Next steps for video gaming events sponsored by Black Ops include:
  • Establish a web presence for Black Ops gaming events
  • Connect with Fox Valley gamers
  • Develop promo materials for Black Ops gaming events
  • Identify other Fox Valley area venues for Black Ops gaming events
  • Develop an equipment and supplies list for LAN parties
The objective of Black Ops gaming events is to provide video game related opportunities, including LAN parties, in the Appleton/Fox Valley area (Wisconsin) and to connect myDigitechnician/Black Ops division with people who may be interested in Black Ops services. Black Ops: Fox Valley Battalion (tentative name for group) will be focused on both current and retro gaming, with emphasis on games other than World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Battlefield 2 and Warcraft III. There are many other LAN groups focused on those four games, so there is a need to have a group of people interested in other games.

If interested in learning more about Black Ops or its gaming events, contact Luke via email at luke [at] mydigitechnician dott com.



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