BarCampMadison: Sessions

BarCampMadison is only three weeks away, so there's not much time left to do recruitment of people or companies for session topics of high interest.

A majority of the people participating in BarCampMadison will either present on a topic about which they are passionate or will be content to participate in other people's sessions as an active learner or as an incidental contributor.

Because there are technology areas in which I'm highly interested, however, I've been contacting people involved in my areas of interest to see if some of them will come and lead sessions. I'd love to learn more about technologies in alternative energy, in robotics, in 3D printing, in technological innovation, in supercomputing and in seventeen or eighteen other areas.

Because of the following items, I haven't managed to recruit as many BarCampMadison participants in the above areas as I would have liked:
  1. Working on marketing, sales, engineering and other business aspects of Abba Makolin, Waldron & Associates, LLC, providing 'Innovation Technical Resources' to manufacturers who need outside assistance for process, product and materials development and troubleshooting
  2. Working on marketing, sales, a little technical work, and various other aspects of myDigitechnician, an in-home computer service provider for consumers
  3. Participating in activities related to economic development of the New North
  4. Spending time with family and friends
  5. Enjoying all sorts of technology-related activities
  6. Maintaining and improving my spiritual, mental and physical health
So this is a call to all those involved in the above-listed tech areas (such as supercomputing), or those who know someone involved in those areas. Please seriously consider participating in BarCampMadison (click on this link to register -- there's no charge to participate) or forward information about BarCampMadison to people you know and encourage them to participate. At the very least, send me their name and contact information (send info to bwaldron [att] gmail {dott} comm).

For those people who signed up to participate in BarCampMadison or who plan to sign up, consider what session you'd like to lead, or what other ways you can get involved in the event. This tech unconference is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Get involved! Contact me if you need ideas on how you can do that.

Hope to see you at BarCampMadison, http://barcampmadison.com, in Madison, Wisconsin, on March 3 - 4, 2007!



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