Fun with Supercomputers

Good news on several fronts regarding the FS3, FireSeed Streaming Supercomputer.
  • A 250 word abstract has been submitted to the Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Contest.
  • A grant research project has been started to explore, apply for and, we hope, receive grant(s) money for the project.
  • Justin was contacted by an Milwaukee-area group who is highly interested in the project.
  • A knowledgeable tech entrepreneur agreed to be an informal project advisor.
  • Justin started a Google Groups (which is out of beta now) for the FS3 project.
  • We're getting closer to setting the dates and locations for project organizational meetings.
As the streaming supercomputer project moves from casual conversation to a full-blown ad-hoc tech project, it will be interesting to see how fully we can apply the things we've read about and talked about in terms of knowledge workers, remote collaboration, technological innovation, entrepreneurism and whatever other good concepts I'm forgetting.

For anyone who's reading this and has an interest in collaborating on a streaming supercomputer project, contact Justin or me. We'd love to have you join the project!



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