DHMN Has A Space, Now Let's Promote It

For the past couple years the DHMN (Distributed Hacker/Maker Network) has discussed how challenging it is to attract new members when we didn't have a dedicated space to call our own. Those days are over! Now our challenge is to figure out how to promote, publicize and market our new DHMN makerspace at 120 N. Morrison Street in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin, and to get busy attracting those new members...

Below are several ideas related to getting the word out about the new DHMN makerspace, but the real benefit will come when each member of the DHMN decides on one or several ideas that they want to work on to bring in new paying DHMN members. A couple ideas to get you started thinking about how you'll work on this are:
  1. Personally invite one or two high potential members to come to a make session or other DHMN event at the makerspace. Offer to give them a ride to make it easy for them to get there.
  2. Leverage the publicity the DHMN makerspace got at the recent ADI dinner (Appleton Downtown, Inc.) by getting articles or press releases in various regional media.
  3. Personally invite one or several highly influential 'connectors' or network weavers or 'mavens' to see the makerspace and to participate in an engaging make session. (These people can and will spread the word of the DHMN makerspace much faster and better than any single member can do by themselves!)
  4. Work with The Avenue HQ to invite 'target demographics' to see both the coworking space and the makerspace. These two spaces have a lot in common and some people who wouldn't join either organization singly might be attracted enough by the combination to join BOTH the DHMN and The Avenue HQ.
As a DHMN member, the main thing is to choose one or several ways to work on that you think will strongly encourage people to spend their money on a DHMN membership and start being part of the fun new 'maker' movement in the Fox Cities.

Let's start making quick progress towards our goal of the first 100 paying Full members of the DHMN. New members can sign up now at the DHMN Membership webpage.



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