HijackThis & TightVNC Session at NEW NET

In addition to the usual tech banter, one-on-one discussions and good Latino food, last night's NEW NET gathering included a session on HijackThis and TightVNC.

If Luke W wants to expand on this post, he's welcome to do so. Since he was the leader of the session, he could best explain the basics and nuances of what he demonstrated for the rest of the group at NEW NET (Northeast Wisconsin Network for Economy and Technology issues). To begin with, Luke had everyone download and start up TightVNC on their laptops. He then gave everyone a password to log-on with, giving everyone a window on their computer showing a duplicate of the HijackThis window on his computer, complete with his cursor moving around. He then stepped through the basics of using HijackThis to identify processes and registry keys for both optimizing and de-lousing their computers. As people watched the HijackThis window on their computer, Luke explained with his cursor and highlighting various sections of HijackThis and how he uses the tool to identify malware or unnecessary items on myDigitechnician clients' computers.

Using TightVNC as Luke did was a good way for everyone to see exactly what he was talking about as he covered each point.

Future sessions will likely include using Bart's and some of the other anti-malware tools Luke has up his proverbial sleeve!

Next week's NEW NET meeting has been moved to Monday night at Atlanta Bread Company West, by the Fox River Mall. It will be interesting to see what topics are discussed at the Atlanta Bread Company. If you enjoy technology and want to share and learn in an open environment, meet us there at 7 pm, 11 September 2006. It's informal, free and, we hope, fun and useful.



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