One Reason We Need To Work With Others / NN issues

The handle on the driver's side door of my car is mostly broken. So the driver gets in the car via the passenger door. (The driver's door works fine -- the driver gets out that way.)

A 'eureka' moment occurred to me today. It's embarassing to admit, but it was only after months of living with a broken handle that the thought entered this limited-capacity brain -- 'one of the handles on the rear doors could be swapped with the front handle.'

Of course one could also have searched for a junkyard with the same model car or same door handle, but there may not even be junkyards with cars anymore in Wisconsin. It's probably illegal to have a junkyard these days. Or there are probably too many regulations for junkyards to make a profit unless you're in the mafia.

If there was excess money in the bank accounts, an auto repair shop would be paid about $379 to repair the door handle. Or, if there was even more excess money, a brand new car would be in the driveway. Instead, getting into the car via the passenger door has been the accepted 'best practice.'

The thing is, if someone else had been asked for suggestions on what to do about the door handle, they might have realized in less than two minutes that one of the handles could be swapped from a rear door on the car, which is used about one-tenth as often as the driver's door. And getting into the back of the car using only the rear door with the good handle would cause very little inconvenience.

Of course, it will still be a challenge to get the doors disassembled enough to swap handles. And after the doors get disassembled, it may be revealed a special $378 tool is needed to get the handles off the doors. But the point is, unbroken door handles which can be used to remedy the driver's side door problem were literally and figuratively right under my nose.

Sometimes we need to work with others so they can show us the solution which is right in front of us.


Below is the initial list of issues for the 05 August 2006 NEW NET (Northeast Wisconsin Network for Economy and Technology) 7 pm weekly gathering at Mister Churro, 207 N. Richmond St., Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. The best churros and empanadas argentinas in Wisconsin are available at Mister Churro! The weekly issues list will be updated by 3 pm on 05 September.


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