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On 27 September 2006, at 9 a.m., Infinity Technology is hosting an organizational meeting for those interested in forming a northeast Wisconsin community focused on search engine optimization (SEO), web searching and web marketing.

The 27 September event and formation of the informal community group are the result of an outstanding Tech Focus seminar sponsored by Infinity Technology in February 2006 titled "Marketing Your Website - Search Engine Optimization." The seminar was presented by Phil Beukema, Sr. and Phil Beukema, Jr. of Corporate Apparel Unlimited. The two Phil's did an excellent job of presenting the basics of SEO as they've learned and used them. Everyone at the seminar seemed to feel they learned new and valuable information.

Throughout the seminar it was apparent many attendees had a high degree of interest in the topic and more questions than there was time to ask. Consequently, after the session Susan May, Phil Sr., Phil Jr. and I discussed having an organizational meeting to launch an informal SEO/Search/Web Marketing group for people in the New North, an eighteen-county region in northeast Wisconsin.

Sue and Infinity Technology very graciously offered the use of the company conference room for the organizational meeting. Sue additionally offered to send out an announcement about the 27 September meeting to all the people who expressed interest in or attended the February 2006 SEO seminar.

With the hundreds or thousands of small businesses in the New North and the increasing opportunties or even the need to market via the web, it seems like a well-organized community of those interested in SEO/Search/Web Marketing is sure to succeed and will be a valuable asset to the region.

If you're interested in participating in the organizational meeting, show up at Infinity Technology Inc, 2920 Walker Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311 at 9 a.m. on 27 September. Please contact me regarding questions or to offer assistance forming this community.



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